Why SEO is the Most Preferable Marketing Channel

SEO is an intriguing way of enticing both existing and potential customers to visit your site. This traffic channel aims at ranking your website above your competitors. However, achieving position #1 of the SERPs is a do-or-die affair. Your rivals are in the race aiming at the apex of the pyramid.


What is SEO?

SEO comprises all actions performed within your website to drive unpaid traffic from organic search results. This means your site will always appear in the search queries being asked by the searchers. Isn’t it exceptional ranking for a keyword without spending even a dime?

If your site is pretty new, no matter how hard you optimize it, you can still miss the eye of the search engines. In plain language your site is invisible. In this regard, what should you do?

Submit your site manually to Google;

Sign in to Google Search Console and add your sitemap before submitting it for Google. Through this, Google will crawl and index your page.

Stay put as I unveil the four critical areas of SEO;


Keyword Research

This the conception stage of SEO. This is where you develop the piece of content with your audience in mind. Furthermore, you can spy on your target audience as you ascertain how they think online. Equally, you can scour the web and identify the kind of content they are consuming. Examine the search terms they are using to seek information on the search engines.

Subsequently, you can analyze the above insights and create content that meets their expectations. Conversely, it’s an exercise in futility creating unwanted content. Create content that is enchanting everyone to read it.

Therefore, to avoid such costly mistakes, keyword research should top your list as part of your content strategy.


On-site SEO

In my view, this the non-technical part of SEO. In most instances, it aims at making sections of your site and content not only crawlable but also indexable. This part of SEO solves for both humans and search engines. The search engine will always rank the most relevant search result for a search query being sought.

Consequently, if you’ve Yoast SEO installed on your site, then your battle is almost won. It will make many recommendations on elements within your site and content that need to be optimized. Therefore, take those recommendations seriously. It will make it easier for Google to discover and understand your content before ranking it for search results.


Off-page SEO

This a method that involving building links for your website. Honestly, your website can’t rank when you don’t have any website linking to it. When other websites are linking to your site, then it means they are vouching for your content. People will always link to the most useful content available.

In essence, create irresistible content that will attract links naturally. These links will finally influence your chances of ranking on top search positions. Besides, ranking these links will send traffic to your site, which is a double win.

When your site ranks in position #1 of the SERPs, then your ‘brand awareness’ is at its peak. You will reap big in terms of traffic and conversions. There are many benefits to enjoy when your brand secures such positions.

Secondly, you can earn links for your website through guest blogging. This is where you publish your content on other websites within your industry. Embrace this strategy and build your links. The process is slow, but with patience, it will earn the desired fruits.


Technical SEO

This is the part of the SEO that is concerned with the infrastructure of your web pages. They pave way for Google to crawl and index your pages with ease. Remember, you can publish epic content on your site but, if Google can’t find your site, then you’re doomed. Your site needs to be optimized for technical SEO for it to be found by Google.

Technical SEO is about eliminating technical errors and roadblocks on your site. When these technical challenges are addressed, then your site will appear for search results. Therefore, technical SEO is a ranking factor that when done correctly will yield desired results.

Technical SEO augments the user experience of your website. This will make your site more visible, and it will appear for the relevant search results.


Special elements of technical SEO

  • Webpage speed

Webpages with slow loading speed hurt user experience, which eventually makes it difficult for Google to find it. Here, loading speed is the time a webpage takes to display its content to a searcher. Web visitors will only stick on your website if and only if it loads quickly, and this will boost the performance of your page.

Lastly, you can improve the speed of your web pages by using a simple design, condensed images and, so forth. This will make your website a less bulky ranking for a search query.

  • Mobile-friendliness

Most searches are done on mobile phones! Don’t be scared!

Partly because of the increased demand for smartphones. Most people spend their time on their phones. These sophisticated devices can access any online platform for information.

It’s now mandatory for website owners to ensure their websites are mobile-friendly. If you cannot accommodate mobile users, then you could lose a lot of traffic to your site. This too will hurt the user experience of your site.

  • Make use of HTTPs

HTTPs stands for hypertext transfer protocol. They ensure your website is secure and confidential. HTTPs encrypts information to make it impossible for hackers to compromise it. These are some of the technical SEO that will need your attention from time to time.


Why SEO is preferable over to traffic sources

It is an excellent strategy for a business to focus on all traffic sources. However, focusing more on Google is better for your business.

Traffic sources are means by which customers are using to locate your business, products, or services. Therefore, taking a keen interest in a channel that gives you the most traffic is good for your business. Your existence as a business dependent on your customer.

Remember, SEO is a powerful marketing tool you can ever imagine. It’s working for your competitors and their businesses. Get on board.

According to Sparktoro, 57.8% of web traffic comes specifically from Google’s search results. If you don’t have an SEO strategy, then you are missing out on this outstanding market potential. From the above statistics, it’s clear that Google drives the most traffic as compared to other search engines alongside other traffic sources.

SEO Traffic Chart



The benefits of SEO


  • They boost brand awareness and drive more traffic

People aim at the sun, but when the worst happens, they land on the moon. In other words, a page that ranks at position #1 of the SERPs get more traffic than pages at position #2, #3, #4 respectively. However, ranking at positions #9 and #10, there is no much traffic compared to top-ranking positions.

As an SEO specialist, try to track your search performance and take necessary actions. Optimize your content and pages appropriately and you will achieve a higher ranking. The change in position means your efforts are bearing fruits. You’ll gain much-anticipated exposure and more traffic that will translate to more conversion.

  • SEO generates steady and uniform traffic

This an attribute that is unique to the search engines and not with other traffic sources. For instance, you can publish a blog post that ranks at position #6 of SERPs. But, with continual optimization efforts, it can jump to position #3 and finally to position #1. These slight changes in position in SERPs will drive traffic that correlates with the position they are ranking for.

However, this not the case with other sources such as social media. Your content goes viral immediately after it’s published, which vanishes afterward. This inconsistency in traffic means you will need to complement this channel with another (Preferably SEO)

  • SEO is synonymous with free traffic

Creating and publishing content in search engines is free. You don’t need to allocate a budget for you to rank organically. This an opportunity cost for your business. However, you will need to invest in an SEO strategy and tools that will give you an advantage over your competition.


Final Thoughts

SEO is not rocket science, and anyone shouldn’t make that excuse. I have broken complex concepts into simple implementable tips for you. This is the most effective underutilized marketing channel because of misinformation out there.

Embrace it by making your brand visible in the search engines, drive more traffic and increase your level of sales. All this is achievable without spending your hard-earned money. Focus more on SEO because that’s the goldmine for customers.






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