HubSpot inbound marketing certification

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification is for Top-notch Inbound Marketers

HubSpot inbound marketing certification is pursued by inbound marketers who are passionate about their audiences’ needs. Currently, customer’s needs and behavior have been evolving. This has compelled inbound marketers to change and adjust their content strategies to align with ever-changing customer’s needs. Conversely, if you cannot capture these changing trends, you will aim at the wrong audiences.

For your business to thrive, then you need customers. However, targeting relevant traffic is not as easy as ABCD. It takes a sound strategy to drive traffic that converts. Traffic that will help you grow your business.


Let’s demystify HubSpot inbound marketing certification

This an accredited course by HubSpot Academy which aims at guiding inbound marketers to build a long-lasting relationship with their audiences. Big brands recognize this course, such as This course prepares inbound marketers to nurture and guide prospects in every stage of the buyer’s journey. Consequently, this fosters a symbiotic relationship between a business and a customer.

Equally, when you take this course, you are examined at the end of the course. Though, you’ll be required to attain a certain pass mark before you’re issued with a certificate. Thereafter, you can use such certification as social proof that indeed you’re an inbound marketer. You can use this certificate to pitch for an opportunity to be an inbound marketer for a marketing agency.

Lest I forget, this HubSpot inbound marketing certification is absolutely free. Get started for free and be a certified inbound marketer.


Why you need to take HubSpot inbound marketing certification

As a certified inbound marketer by HubSpot Academy, I will recommend this course to any aspiring inbound marketer. Click here to verify my certification. They structured this course in such a way it helps inbound marketers map out each section of the buyer’s journey. The intention of mapping out these sections is pretty simple. To develop content that is unique to each section that will guide prospects through the marketing funnel.

Grab a cup of coffee as I walk you through the 3 stages of the buyer journey. Bear in mind each stage has its own special goal. With little ado, let’s delve right away.


HubSpot inbound marketing process


Awareness stage

The buyer’s journey begins at the awareness stage. Creating awareness and recognition for your brand is the primary goal for your inbound marketing. However, the digital environment is saturated with content. This then implies that you must adopt a strategy to develop content that will pull relevant prospects to your website.

At this phase, perform keyword research to define your target audience. This is the best way to target prospects who are interested in your brand. These keywords will make your content discoverable and accessible as they do their research.

Create content that will help them grasp that they have a problem. Mostly educational content fits into this puzzle. Educate your prospect by simplifying the otherwise complex problem look straightforward. Provide answers that will eliminate doubts and move them to the next phase of your marketing.

Let your content be the lead magnet that attracts and speaks directly at them. Use it to build a relationship by suggesting solutions. Entice them with an enjoyable and memorable user experience.


The convenient content that fits into the awareness stage

Inbound marketers have unlimited content they can use to enlighten their prospects. The list includes;

‘How-to’ guides, infographics, landing pages, case studies, webinars, podcasts, and so forth. You are at liberty to experiment with others like video interviews, customer reviews etcetera. Content is the tool that points out a problem and suggests a solution.

Inbound marketing channels that are relevant

Use some of these channels to attract your target audience. Blending these channels eases the attainment of your marketing goals. Different prospects use different platforms. It’s your role to find out where your prospects are. Marketing is about spreading your wings widely and expanding your audiences.

Therefore, these are some ways you can use to reach out to more prospects;

Blogging, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising

Metrics you can use to measure your marketing efforts

Every inbound marketer must have analytics to track and measure their web traffic. In my case, I make use of Google Analytics. Once you publish your marketing content afterward check your website traffic. Look at channels bringing traffic to your website. They will help you ascertain how your awareness goal is performing.

An influx in traffic to your website will mean your marketing content is resonating well with your target audience. Look further into numbers by each channel. For instance, the number of users coming in from organic, referral, social and direct traffic. The higher the number the good for your brand.


Hubspot traffic sources

Consideration Stage

This the most critical stage in the buyer’s journey if you fail to offer value they abandon you like hot potatoes. The prospects here know their problem and probably they are comparing your solution with those of your competitors. Consequently, at this point they have earned your trust and most likely they see you as an expert.

Your content at the awareness stage is like a conveyor belt that moves prospects to the last stage. Now that prospects are in the consideration stage it reaffirms that your content is paying back. It’s giving the intended results. Finally, try to align your content such that it is chronological. The content at the awareness stage feeds up content in the consideration stage.

Engage them with educational content that will encourage them to push to the last stage. Prospects will judge you according to the value you give them. Therefore, reassure them value and they will reciprocate back value. Inbound marketing is about helping prospects achieve their goal and they will help your business grow.

According to the principle of reciprocity by Content marketing institute. When you give value to your customers, they will reciprocate value back to your business. This is a win for your brand and a win for your customer.

Showcase how your solution is the best before your prospects. Do product demo if need be. Demonstrate the value of your brand. This is a sure way of engaging your prospect and guiding them to walk down the marketing funnel.

Nurturing prospects until they become customers requires a strategy. A prospect at the consideration stage is an empowered prospect.

Which content suits this stage?

Now that prospects can comprehend their problems. Build content that gives in-depth guidance into their pinpoints and opportunities. This is what will motivate prospects to carry out the next desired action. Content at this stage includes; Product overviews/testimonials, case studies, free trials, webinars, ebooks, and podcasts.

Channels that are of the essence

You can use Blog posts, search engine optimization, paid advertisements, social media, and email marketing.

Metrics to ascertain your goals

Definitely, prospects are on your website. They need to be engaged with content that will nurture them into paying customers. Therefore, Let’s look at the engagement metrics that are important at this stage. You will find this in google analytics under behaviors reports.

  1. Pageviews

As the name suggests, pageviews are pages that your prospects have viewed. This a good sign that your prospects are interacting with your content. When these numbers keep on increasing, then it means well for your brand.


  1. Sessions

Sessions begin when prospects arrive on your website and subsequent interactions before they exit your website. When you provide value prospects will visit multiply pages as long as it’s solving their problems. The more they stay on your website the more the value they gain.

  • New users

These are completely new prospects who are visiting your site for the first time. This could imply your content at the awareness stage is reaching out to larger audiences. The bigger the number, the better for the growth of your brand.


HubSpot behavior report



Close stage

This the last stage of the food chain. At this stage, your major goal is to convert your prospect into paying customers. Now that you have guided your prospects through timely educational content. Try to convince them by projecting your offer as the best in the market. Do product differentiation as proof for additional value. With this tactic, you will make it easier for them to make a purchase.

I believe at this point you have insights into the behavior of your prospects. You could target them through personalized content illustrating your offer. Social media, email marketing, and chatbots do pretty well. Use these channels to convert your prospects into customers.


Delight Stage

Eventually, when they make a purchase, continue to reach out to them. Keep in touch with them as a retention strategy. When changes take place in your brand or developed another product, notify them through automated emails. Such business practices will morph your customers into your brand ambassadors.

They will volunteer to share your brand with their network. This is a magnificent gesture for the growth of your business.

Content best fit for this stage

Success stories, product overviews, product reviews are ideal at the last stage of the buyer’s journey. This content intends to feed a lead with a specific question regarding your offer.


Metrics to track at this stage

Depending on your business where you could measure the return on your investment (ROI). Here your conversion goals could be sales, subscriptions, email sign-ups, leads, and so forth.

Additionally, if you are running an online store, you could look at your conversion rate. This will show you a percentage of website visitors who ended up becoming your customers.

Also check on your web traffic that downloaded an ebook, subscribed to your email list among other goals. These actions can reflect if your leads are taking the intended actions.


Other related courses you can pursue

Furthermore, to have intensive skills in inbound marketing, consider taking these courses too.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, HubSpot inbound marketing certification comes in handy when the entire world is going digital. The course will prepare you to put the needs of your customer before you intend to sell. This marketing attribute allows you to build a relationship with your customers before you sell to them. Embrace it and you will see exponential results in your business. Don’t hesitate, get started. What is your response? Share your feedback in the comment section.







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