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Why Guest Blogging is an excellent SEO Strategy?

Do you envy successful bloggers? I believe everyone who earnestly intends to blog does that often. But, success largely depends on your efforts, goals, and strategies. Without these ingredients in your matrix then your blogging efforts will be an exercise in futility. However, you can revamp your SEO strategy by incorporating a guest blogging approach.


Guest blogging is synonymous with guest posting which is the art of writing and publishing your article on another blog as a guest writer. This an opportunity for you to contribute content to someone’s blog. Therefore, this will give you a platform to put your content before many eye-balls.


Is guest blogging important?

Guest blogging is very crucial because it builds up your website and gives you much-needed publicity for growth and expansion. Below have enumerated four ways in which you can use guest blogging to tap on each benefit it brings into your basket. Let’s delve into the four key points.

1: It broadens and widens your online fan base and following


Guest posting provides you with inroads into your host’s audience. Seize their attention by speaking in their language. Transform and improve their reading experience through quality content. Remember these a solid audience built through value-driven content. Ensure your guest post is tailored to their needs and aspirations.


2: Guest posting is a platform to connect and build a relationship with other bloggers


As a blogger, you’re not working in a vacuum. Therefore, your existence matters when it is felt by an audience. Without a doubt, guest posting will give you a leeway to reach top bloggers in your industry for a chance to write for their audiences. Also, you will get an opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with their audiences. This a unique way of creating a relationship with both the host together with their audiences.

Guest posting will put you in front of a new audience to connect and network with. Nurture your friendship with fascinating and irresistible content. Create a sustainable rapport for you to earn their trust and support.


3: Bolster referral traffic back to your blog


The beauty of your guest post lies in the problem it intends to resolve. Moreover, online readers love good content. If they can grab a value from your guest post, then nothing will stop them from following you to your blog. Where they’ll get more content to quench their insatiable appetite for more.


Why is this important?


The primary goal for a guest posting is to establish a symbiotic relationship between the guest writer and the blog hosting the guest post.

Guest blogging to a guest writer

For the guest writer, you earn yourself an inbound link back to your website with every guest post that gets published. This is a link that will direct or refer people to your website. Imagine the power of an inbound link. Driving people from the host’s website to your site. This how-to grow and expand your audience from well-established websites.

Guest Blogging to a host

Consistency is the rule of the game. Guest writers will supplement content for your audience. Never, will you succumb to writer’s block because guest bloggers will fill the loop. Consequently, guest bloggers provide fresh and original content from a different perspective. Therefore, a consistent blog post will keep your readers engaged with useful content.

4: Guest blogging is good for SEO


Everyone wants to be associated with popular blogs. Why? Because they’ve ever-growing dedicated audiences. This an audience that feeds on credible and relatable content. You must up your game if you’re intending to guest post for such blogs.

For every guest blog, you write it’ll earn you an inbound link. Spread your fishing net wide and guest post for more relevant blogs in your industry.  The more inbound links you earn the better for your future SEO strategies. Point to note, your new content will be located by the search engines if it has an inbound link. Search engines sniff at the anchor text of your inbound link as it examines the quality of your content.

Always ensure the links pointing to your website emanates from a higher domain authority website. This another factor that will determine how well your content will rank organically.

Links from higher domain authority websites will boost your content in ranking higher on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Subsequently, the same links will revive and push your domain authority even higher. Therefore, these two factors are very key in your search engine optimization (SEO). You can read more about SEO in this blog. Avoid a link with questionable quality and when you aren’t sure about the domain authority of its website. It can reverse your efforts and eventually get your blog penalized.


How to identify the domain authority to guest post for?


The domain authorities are into three-tier categories. From the onset decide well in advance which to target. Use Moz’s link explorer to find out the domain authority for the website you intend to guest post. Let’s elucidate the three categories below;


The first tier: Domain Authority between 0-20


In my opinion, this not the best domain authority to target. Any inbound link from the website with this domain authority is of very little value to your SEO strategy. Having said that, websites with this domain authority are either new or they’re dormant. Targeting these blogs will hurt your SEO strategies.

Quality begets quality. Getting an inbound link from a lower domain authority website will reverse all the gains you’ll have made. Instead, look for links from a higher domain authority site for better results.

Look at It has a domain authority of 1 because the blog is pretty new.

Guest posting cA backlink from this blog is of little or no significance.


The second tier: Domain authority between 21-70


This is where you should be focusing all your energies. The inbound links from these websites will have an exponential upsurge in your organic traffic. These websites have stable and loyal audiences. Again, an inbound like from these websites will boost your domain authority which will eventually get your content on the search engines.

However, getting a guest post slot in this tier is not a walk in the park. This blog accepts top-notch content with specific guidelines. Hone your skillset and penetrate this tier as a guest blogger. Connect and network with bloggers in this category because they’ll open more opportunities for you to build links for future use.

I did a quick search for the domain authority of using Moz link explorer and this is what I found out.

Guest posting bThis blog has a domain authority of 51 with about 32,000 backlinks.



The third tier: Domain authority above 71


Finally, growth has phases. Before you get into this category then you must have been tried and tested. This category is a preserve for the bloggers who are at the apex of the pyramid. You can’t wake up one day and earn your slot in this category.

Bloggers in this categories are known brands and are well known in their industries. These are people who are well established in their industries. These bloggers are the thought leaders who shape the narrative of their respective industries. Everyone is looking up to them for guidance.

Put in the right amount of effort and you’ll get your slot in this tier. Inbound links from these categories are very valuable and good for your SEO efforts. Get up and break into this category.

Look at the domain authority of It is at 92,  with more than 4 million backlinks. Getting a guest post slot in this type of blog you must prove yourself beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re the cream de la cream in your industry. This how-to-do search for the domain authority for a website.

Guest posting a

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging is an inevitable SEO strategy to push your content for a higher and better ranking. This strategy will not only generate quality inbound links but also quality traffic back to your website. Therefore, embrace this strategy and infiltrate into new audiences that could otherwise be inaccessible. Network and connect with other bloggers and learn from them. Lastly, pitch for a guest post for a website with high domain authority. This will also push your domain authority up.

It’s a wrap. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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