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My name is Dominic Nyaora. I’m a freelance writer in Kenya. Beside cycling and hiking i do create time to write captivating content that pulls, engages and converts visitors into loyal customers.

I run freelancingafrica.com by helping blog owners, marketing professionals and business achieve their content needs.

Why freelancingafrica.com

1:My priority is to help businesses and websites grow their organic traffic

2:Improve and increase your business visibility organically

3:Convert your visitors from leads to customers and eventually brand ambassadors

4:Improve your social shares and grow your overall traffic

Why Hire me?

  • I deliver infinite value by giving well researched content that resonates well with readers
  • I create data driven content that engages your visitors and influences their purchasing decisions.
  • I guarantee top-notch content with actionable guidance
  • I will formulate a robust SEO strategy for your business

My certification in content writing, digital marketing, and google analytics

I’ve successfully completed the following online courses which have broadened my knowledge in digital marketing and concepts. All these online courses are accredited by reputable organization.

1:Content Marketing Certified by Hubspot Academy

2:Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by google digital skills of Africa

3:Social Media Certified by Hubspot Academy

4:Inbound Certified by Hubspot Academy

5:Google Analytics Individual Qualification by Skillshop

6:SEMrush for Digital Agencies certification by SEMrush Academy

7:Content Marketing and SEO Fundamental Exams by SEMrush Academy

8:SEO Writing Masterclass by Surfer

9:Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Test by SEMrush Academy

Contact me

You can always reach me with a question or a comment through my email dominic@freelaningafrica.com


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